Thursday, December 20, 2012

To Our Kids

Hi Kids,

We miss you so much! We know you are having so much fun and we are glad you get to stay with the cousins and aunts and uncs and grandma and grandpa. It is so cool and fun there, isn't it? I know they are really good at taking care of you, because they all took care of me when I was about your age. (I might have been naughtier than you though...I bet Uncle Tim doesn't have to throw you into bed 100 times like he did me when he used to babysit. And I bet you aren't sneaking into the brownies when you are supposed to be in bed.)

Basil, I keep thinking about how patient you are with Soren, and then I am glad that Eyann will have such a nice big brother to come home to. She will need someone that can be patient with her for awhile, because she is having a hard time with all of the changes that are happening. She's crabby and stubborn when she is sad, so I am glad I know how patient you are with Soren when he is like that. :)
Zeke, Eyann likes to laugh alot when she is happy. She thinks it is really funny when Papa and I drop things or when we pretend to run into things and get hurt. She'll love all the funny things you do all day. Also, maybe you and Baz can teach her some of your yellow belt moves! She might woop ya though. She is tough. And very determined.
September, Eyann has been living with three boys and one girl in her foster home, just like she will be at home. The difference is, she is the oldest of the kids in her foster family right now. They said she is responsible for helping the younger kids get dressed and stuff, and she is expected to help pick up and clean the apartment. I think she will LOVE having an older sister who will play with her like crazy. She likes me to do her hair, so she might actually sit still for you to put a thousand barrettes in her hair and to dress her up in all of your bee-tee-full dresses!
Soren, I know you don't really understand exactly what is happening, but I think your Auntie Angie is right: You and Eyann will soon form an alliance and dominate the world (or at least our family). The two of you will probably have to work out some sort of compromise about who is boss. Papa and I know that it will be one or both of you; not us; as neither of us even comes close to being as stubborn and determined as the two of you. Together? You can rule the world.
We miss you guys a ton, and we know that our bringing Eyann home to our family will be better because of all of her cool siblings that are in it. Love you!


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