Saturday, March 2, 2013

Things that were funny on that day....

Here is an updated picture of our WHOLE clan of kids on the couch....

These are the things I would have (kind of did) laugh at after the accident....

The cop, (while helpful I’m sure), was asking too many questions:
“How do you spell that name?” 


“What about the middle name?”


    “How do you spell that?” 

“What is his birthday?” 

               “Male or female?”  (Apparently, not a single one of our kids has a name that is easily distinguishable as male or female….)  J

And so on…..for every kid……

I was getting antsy.  I knew our kids had been brought to (and shut in) one ambulance while they waited for the other two.   I pictured them in there, alone, no adults to comfort them (the adults were all focused on Keith at the time).  No windows to see out of.  I wanted to tell them it was okay….to help them to calm down after having been knocked around in the van.

And so I said…

“Um, can I answer these questions in the ambulance?  My kids are probably freaking out with no adults in there to help them know what is happening.” 

The cop hesitantly agreed. 

I walked over to the ambulance door and yanked it open quickly, ready to calm our crying kids….

The first I saw, though, was Zeke, with a neck brace on…

And he was smiling. 

A huge smile. 


“Mom, look at this funny thing they put on all of us….”

And when the ambulance guys gently explained that Zeke would need to be strapped to the medical board, I think they were surprised by Zeke’s enthusiasm. 

Crazy kid.
----------------------------------------- -----------

When we had been at the hospital for awhile and all the kids had been checked out, I started to get dizzy.  I laid down on one of the hospital beds. 

Soren walked over; his face was level with mine. 

He looked at me for awhile, and then, with as much seriousness as you would expect in this situation,  he whispered, “Mom?  Did Spongebob crash into us?”  (And I'm surprised to say I didn’t laugh....
My head just hurt too much)  Instead, I said, “Why do you think that, Buddy?”

And he said, “Mom!  Spongebob is a really bad driver!”  (Duh….)  And I haven't told him that he is wrong, because, I mean, as a kid, what cooler person to run into you than Spongebob!?  Ya know?


Also?  Our kids are a counseling cliche':  

They say, in counseling, that your kids work out "big things" through play....that they keep playing it over and over again until they can sort it out in their heads (or something).  

So our kids have been playing "We're Going On a Trip (and You Have to Buckle Up)" for hours. 

And when I came home from work the other day, Sep told me they had all played "Doctor"....

Not THAT kind of doctor.....

...the kind where you get in a bad accident, and you take turns having to bandage each other up.  

We need more bandaids.

I need bandaids in bulk, I guess.