Friday, December 28, 2012

More Adjectives for Eyann (with Funny still included)

I thought I didn't have alot to say about our girl today.  

                   We like her.  

          She's pretty much just kinda melting into our family.  

Every kid has different things they play with her.  

She karate chops Zeke and tries to pick him up and throw him.  

She sits and plays video games with Baz, and Baz is patient enough to let her take over.  

September and Eyann get together and do the girly stuff.....dolls, hair, coloring, weaving....

Soren and Eyann play games together and fight about who is the winner. 

This kid has our sense of humor:  I know I've said she if funny before, but we keep seeing more and more of that.  So, again, the kid is funny.  She runs around yelling stuff that we don't understand, chasing down the boys and whipping them to the ground.  She does cool dances that make us laugh.  (See the video on Facebook).  She says what we assume is naughty stuff in Chinese and laughs REALLY hard about it.  We're all jealous that we can't do that too.  

She bugs:  Soren said the other day, "Mom, my brain knows lots of stuff.  It knows I like to bug and it knows I bug alot...." I think if Eyann could speak English, she'd have to say the same thing about herself.  She grabs stuff she knows we're using.  She calls people by the wrong name on purpose, and she does exactly the opposite of what we ask with that smirky little grin on her face....the same grin her Grandpa Donald Peter gets alot...

She's sweet and very, very much likes to help.  This girl has dusted my living room, cleared the table, and washed my dishes many times in the last week that she's been home.  

She passes everyone's food to them at dinner time, and she is actually a really "good sharer", as her brothers and sister call her.  (Except her backpack that she came with.  NO ONE can touch the backpack! She'll go kung fu on you.)  

For the first few weeks, we'd tell her we loved her, and she would be ticked off.  Understandably: we took her from the only place she knew and loved.  She'd say, in Chinese, "No I love you" and "No hugs".  She liked to be carried, which happened all over China....both Keith and I lost about five pounds while we were there....but she didn't really like to be hugged.  And so we gave her space when she was in those moods.  But lately.....lately....she says "I love you" back.  And tonight?  SHE held out her arms for a hug and kissed every family member on the cheek without our even asking.  

When we were at the Embassy, doing our adoption vow, we saw a ton of adoptive families, and we saw lots of newly adopted kids.  And all I could think as I looked at all of the other kids is....I am so glad that God gave us her.  Not that the other kids were not fine, but just.....We like her.  She fits.   Every funny, stubborn, buggery, huggy, sweet, helping, adorable part of her.  

I'm hearing that the road might be long and tough and bumpy and stuff, and I believe it.....but I am glad that we are on this road with her.   


  1. she's got a good place to be with some pretty special people.

  2. Warms my heart!!! Love the pics and the updates! She belongs with you!! God is great!