Thursday, December 20, 2012

Meeting Eyann

We finally got to meet our Eyann Rae!  We recognized her right away from the pictures we had been given before.  She is busy and outgoing, just as the orphanage had described her.  She is bossy.  Maybe even bossier than Soren, which is a pretty difficult thing to match.  She knows exactly what she wants,  and somehow….even while she is speaking every word in Chinese, she finds a way to tell us.   
She eats. 
And eats and eats.  It is funny to see a tiny kid like her eat with such big chopsticks.  She likes weird things, like boiled greens and what looks like egg porridge.  But she also stole all of our fries tonight, and learned quickly that she liked them dipped in ketchup. 
Most of the pants we had brought with us are really tight, even though they are just the right length.   Her dough-boy tummy hangs over the top, and we laugh about how she might have been getting fed better than our other four kids at home.    
She likes to play hide-and-seek.  Her Papa taught her how to play Angry Birds on the Kindle today, and she thinks it is HILARIOUS to make the birds smash into the floor at full speed.  She “washed” the entire hotel room with a wet wash cloth, including Keith and I, and she spent lots of time popping balloons and laughing really hard when we acted like it scared us. 
She has been so so happy and funny during the day, but at night, she remembers that we are not the “Baba and Mama” that she knows, and she cries.  When she is sad, much like the rest of the Foisys, she wants her Papa.  Keith says it’s because he is more affectionate, and it is probably true. 
Nope, I know it is true…I didn’t even hug her when I met her because I didn’t want to scare her.  Keith gave her kisses on the forehead and dragged her on to his lap.  Yep, he is more affectionate. 
She likes me to make her laugh and to help her squeeze out the wash cloth when she wants to wash the hotel room.  She likes me to hide while she counts, and she loves it when I pretend to get really mad and growl when she turns off my computer.  She wants me to spin her around and throw her into the bed, but she wants her Papa to tuck her into bed, and when we are outside of the hotel room, she likes him to pick her up when she is scared. 
Today, our adoption has been made official.  We have a paper that says we are Eyann Rae Foisy’s parents, and we are so so glad to get the privilege to parent her. 
We still have a LONG time in China.  While I am really glad to give this cute, funny girl ALL of our attention, I miss our other kids more than I knew that I could.  I can’t wait for them to meet their sister, and I am excited to see how Eyann likes being a part of our family.  She doesn’t know what she is missing right now without knowing that she he has four really cool siblings to play and laugh with.  And to bug.  Bugging is definitely a part of who she is and how she likes to play this life. 
I think she’ll fit right in.

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