Thursday, December 20, 2012


Tomorrow, we will go to the orphanage to see where Eyann has been living.  She has been waiting to see her foster "mama" since she met us, and tomorrow is the day her "mama" will give her "permission" to go with Keith and I as her forever parents.

This will be a difficult day for her.  Throw up a quick prayer, if you think of it.  For all of us.  Difficult days for Eyann mean difficult days for us.  If Eyann wasn't crying today, then I probably was.  Poor Keith has had to deal with his two girls (Eyann and myself) and our range of crazy emotions all day today.
Tomorrow will be hard, but here's to hoping the day after tomorrow will be a better day.  And the day after that, just a little bit better yet.  
I'm guessing that it will be.  They say that's how it goes. 

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