Thursday, December 27, 2012

Her Big Little Sister

When we were still in China, I showed Eyann pictures of her brothers and sister, saying each of their names as she pointed at each one.  She smiled, nodded, and repeated each kid's name.  Except September.  She would call her Mei Mei.

We were playing a card game yesterday, and when it was September's turn, I would say, "Seppy's turn", and Eyann would shake her head emphatically and say, "MEI MEI's turn!"  

We found out recently that Mei Mei actually means little sister, and Jie Jie means big sister.  We used google translate to correct Eyann, telling her that Seppy is her BIG sister, Jie Jie.  

She laughed, shook her head, and said, with all the stubbornness she could muster, "Mei Mei!"  We pointed at her and said, "You are Mei Mei" and she shook her head again, and laughed.  

The kid is determined to have a little sister.  And Seppy?  She thinks Mei Mei sounds cooler than Jie Jie anyway, so for now, we don't think it's a fight worth fighting.  With that said, Sep will continue to be called Little Sister, and Eyann will continue to boss her around....just like a Jie Jie (big sister) would do.  

We had been traveling so much with Eyann while in China, and we even ended up staying at my parent's house when we arrived in Michigan, because we hadn't slept for 30 hours, and Keith and I  were having to take turns driving home from Chicago (which is really not a long drive).  When we finally did get home, we wanted Eyann to understand we were finally to her real home, so we took her around the house, showing her the photos of her we had hanging on the walls and on the fridge, along with her brothers and sister.  And we showed her all of the kids' beds, naming each kid and pointing to their bed, until we got to hers.  

I wondered if she would still want to sleep in Keith and I's room, because she had been with us in the hotel room for two weeks.  

She didn't. 

She wanted to sleep with Mei Mei.  And while adoption issues are confusing and we most likely won't do everything (or anything?) "right"....maybe some people would tell us she should have slept with Keith and establish attachment.....I felt like her wanting to sleep in her bed in her room with her sister, Mei Mei, was a first step in being a part of a family.....  

She still gets up and crawls into our bed in the morning, but she is confident enough that we will be there that she can feel comfortable sleeping in her own bed down the hall.   (I am okay with that, because seriously, the kid is a giant bed hog and I like to get good sleep.)

September told us yesterday that she sometimes hears Eyann whimpering a little bit, "like she is sad or something", so September has been singing to her until Eyann is quiet again.  

The girls have been playing together alot, and sometimes September is pushed to her patience limit, because Eyann wants to do whatever September is doing.  September got a new doll house for Christmas (Thank you, Auntie Ange), and Eyann pushes right in to play along.  She knocks the toilet over and takes over the pets of the house.  September tries to teach her words to use, and gets all excited when Eyann repeats "toilet" or "puppies" or "bed".  September sat down to make hot pads with her new loom she got from Santa, and Eyann pushes in to help.  September sighed a little, and then taught her how to put the yarn over the loops to make a pattern.  

That girl?  She a good big sister....

Or little  sister, depending on who you talk to.....


  1. I have been following your blog for the past few weeks and love to hear the stories of how Eyann is becoming part of your family. This is such a beautiful example of how God tells us to love!! I have read so many touching moments, but none like hearing how September is singing to Eyann when she thinks she is sad...absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Karla, i think you are doing a lot right already. You have a beautiful family and Eyann is a beautiful addition.... Seppy is such a good big sis. LOVE.